Ioana Anda Milin, Marius Gordan, Iuliana Ioana Merce, Anka Pascariu


Abstract: Concerns in the field of evaluating economic performance at the firm level date from the emergence of the first major economic theories (Adam Smith, David Ricardo) to the present day. The international and national studies brought to this field, have defined over time numerous techniques, methods and models for evaluating economic performance, reaching the conclusion that "performance" is an objective that must be constantly considered by any economic organization. However, it is not easy to talk about economic performance, because elements of a different nature are interwoven within it, which compete for the achievement of a common goal - increasing the competitiveness of the organization, regardless of the activity sector in which it operates. The organizations must permanently prove their viability, competitive strength, degree of adaptability to economic performance, dictated to some extent by the socio-economic space in which they operate. All this is reflected in the efficiency of production activities based on quantitative and qualitative determinations of production factors, as well as the maximum yields in their use.


agricultural exploitation; performance; competitiveness; adaptability; indicators

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