Teodor Mateoc-Sîrb, Bogdan Șonca, Simona Albu, Gabriel Șuster, Gheorghe Sârb, Adelina venig, Oana Sicoe-Murg, Nicoleta Mateoc-Sîrb


In the writing of this article, we started from the idea that, in recent years, they have constantly mentioned that Romania's population has decreased a lot and that population aging is very accentuated. To analyse the evolution of the population in our country, we started with three indicators that influence demographic evolution, namely: natural growth of the population, infant mortality, and population migration. The authors of this article have come to the conclusion that only in the last year (2021), demographic aging has greatly increased, the elderly population of 65+ years (3,835 thousand people) exceeded by 621 thousand people the young population in the age group 0-14 years, which currently represents 3,214 thousand people in Romania's population, and that the average age of the Romanian population reached 42.0 years. Following the analysis of the statistics data, the authors of this article believe that demographic aging in Romania is mainly a consequence of the negative natural population increase caused by the emigration of the young population capable of procreation.


population; evolution; decrease; demographic ageing

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