Cristina Popescu, Marius Popescu, Ioan Csosz


Rural areas will have to define new, more ecological and recreational functions, increasingly important, being new developmental alternatives for those from the agricultural field. In this context a major role will be played by the development of a multitude of tourism activities in rural areas. Recently, tourism in an environmentally friendly environment is an alternative to traditional tourism, developed in resorts and tourist centers as well as to the standard industrial-type tourist offer. The new in this field is manifested by the expansion of the tourist phenomenon in the rural area. This expansion is explained, on the one hand, by the revival of the development of rural areas and, on the other hand, by the diversification of forms of mass tourism. Therefore, European Union’s countries enroll tourism in local development policies in the future, under the specific name of rural tourism. The present scientific paper aimed to highlight representative aspects of agrotourism, with some emphasis placed on the advantages of agrotourism activity.


agrotourism; features; benefits

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