Tiberiu Iancu, Tabita Adamov, Cornelia Petroman, Ioan Petroman, Ioan Brad, Sorin Stanciu, Adrian Băneș


Romanian rural area preserves still unaltered the traditional spiritual values, cultural values, of the Romanian people, the social-economic life and the picturesque scenery of these lands. These values give to the rural area favorable conditions for the development of tourist activities, especially agrotourism. Over time, Sibiu County managed to become a top tourist destination in Romania for both Romanian and foreign tourists. This status is conferred, among other things, by the international recognition of the cultural city of Sibiu, the popularity of the main attractions among the public (Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiu, UNESCO sites, Balea, Paltinis, Ocna Sibiului), but also the leading position occupied in the Romanian tourist landscape. The well-defined touristic offer alongside the good services and especially the sustained promotion are the premises on which the current and future success of the county's tourism development plans is based.


rural tourism; agrotourism; tourist village; traditions and customs

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***Anuarul statistic al Românie

***Regiunea Centru – premise și potențial de dezvoltare



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