Loredana Văduva, Ionuț Mircea Petroman, Ana Gina Armaș, Diana Marin, Cornelia Petroman


This paper focuses on a new trend in tourism – hocance (tourism), a trend that has conquered countries such as South Korea and that could boast the Romanian tourist industry. The authors define the term hocance and its subtypes (kicance and petcance); differentiate it from terms such as agrocation, cottaging, farmstay, home-stay/homestay, near-home tourism or proximity tourism, residency/residential, second-home tourism, or stacation/staycation; provide examples of hocance spa packages and of marketing strategies for hocance development; focus on the reasons why people enjoy hocance; and provide examples of hocance arrangements.


hocance; tourism; hotel; vacance

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