Ramira Acia, Cristina Babcsanyi, Cosmina Toader, Iasmina Iosim


Instagram is, along with Facebook and Twitter, “one of the most popular social network services in the world” [31]. The aim of this original-research review study “was to show what differentiates Instagram from other social network services (features and tools)” [22], how popular it is (linguistic productivity), what Instagram-related topics were studied by the researchers, what was the age range of adolescent-users, whether Instagram has positive or negative effects on adolescents, and adolescents’ motivations / preferences / reasons for using Instagram. Results show that Instagram-related topics are fewer in adolescents than in adults; that Instagram use has fewer positive than negative effects on adolescents, and that adolescents’ motivation / preference / reason for using Instagram is mainly social interaction.


Instagram; adolescents; interaction; Instagram-related topics

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