Loredana Văduva, Diana Marin, Cornelia Petroman


Perceived as an alternative to mass tourism, alternative tourism is characterized through: the emphasis on travel as an experience of host cultures and the maintenance of traditional values and societies, individual, independent or small group activity, slow, controlled and regulated development and small scale. Alternative tourism has many sub-types: ecotourism, convivial ecotourism, adapted tourism, adequate tourism, authentic tourism, community tourism, controlled tourism, sustainable tourism, fair tourism, ecological tourism, endogenous tourism, integrated tourism, participatory tourism, tourism "for the poor", responsible tourism, soft tourism, solidarity tourism, green tourism, volunteer tourism. The values that bring together all these sub-types are expressed in the form of tourism niches such as: "return" trip, immersion trip, solidarity trip, trip for teenagers (more interested in visiting the most popular places), alternative tourism, cultural tourism, equestrian tourism, river tourism, social tourism or science tourism.


alternative tourism; sub-types

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