Alexandru Octavian Pangratie, Tabita Adamov, Teodor Mateoc, Camelia Mănescu, Nicoleta Mateoc-Sîrb


Agricultural cooperation is one of the factors that have favored the development process in world agriculture, its importance being major, and our desire is to highlight this during this work. The cooperative unites common interests whether it is an interest in supply, sale, processing, services or credit, agricultural producers so far dispersed, weak negotiators and small in size gain the economic strength to support these interests. Needless to say, that economic policy in the field of agriculture is much easier to apply to a homogeneous and harmonious organization of cooperatives than to a heterogeneous and dispersed mass of farmers.


agriculture; cooperation; perspectives; Romania

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***Cooperativele agricole-condiție fundamentală pentru dezvoltarea mediului rural, disponibil pe


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