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Abstract: Aleksander Dugin has been the most influential Russian philosopher of the last 20 years. His influence is due to the fact that it is widely read by the Russian political and military elites. After the collapse of communism in 1989, the Russian state needed a new worldview! And the new ideology will be Eurasianism, in fact the older ideology of Pan-Slavism dressed in new clothes.Aleksander Dugin taught geopolitics at Moscow University. His course was also translated into Romanian, on which occasion Dugin added a special chapter addressed to Romanians. He proposes the union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania on the condition of Romania's integration into the economic community and the military alliance controlled by Russia. Several personalities of Romanian culture were seduced by Dugin's ideas. And this seduction was based for some of them on a religious affinity. The idea is simple. What does it mean to be Russian? It means being orthodox. What does it mean to be a Serbian? It means being orthodox. What does it mean to be Bulgarian? It means being orthodox. What does it mean to be Romanian? It means to be orthodox. Aleksander Dugin asks: If we all have the same Orthodox soul, why do not we live together in the same economic, political and military community?


conceptual analysis; political philosophy; history of Europe.

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