Miroslav Raicov, Banes Adrian, Feher Andrea, Mateoc-Sirb Nicoleta, Otiman Paun Ion


Located in the southwestern part of Transylvania, in Hunedoara County, “Țara Hațegului” covers an area of 155 square kilometers, bordered on the south by the Retezat Mountains, on the east and northeast by the Șureanu Mountains, on the west by the Țarcu Mountains, and north of the Poiana Ruscă Mountains. The agriculture of “Țara Hațegului” represents the basic activity of the economy of this area. After 1989, agriculture underwent profound changes through the abolition of agricultural production cooperatives and state-owned agricultural enterprises, which led to the return to private ownership of agricultural land and its fragmentation. In this paper, the authors analyse the problems faced by farmers in “Țara Hațegului”, in order to offer solutions to revitalize the agriculture.


SWOT analysis; farmers; agricultural issues

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